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BRS Enterprises is a Footwear Developer Consultancy Company which aims to provide variety of professional services in the field of Footwear which is a pre-requisite for building a successful Startup. It is listed under the laws of Companies Act 2020. We have entered this industry to serve our professional services in all the states of India. As of now, Brs Enterprises has been striving to make itself a significant brand in the leading market of Footwear Consultants. Our company aims to provide best services to our clients so that they can feel safe to carry on their business independently and become an active compliance business in India.

However, as a human being there are some drawbacks that may have happened while providing our services. Don’t hesitate to bring out your flaws in the organization as we have a commitment to provide best services to our customer and make them satisfied. We are here to solve your queries. We assure you a refund of the previously charged charges, if it is justified that the problem was caused by any error on our part.

When creating a contract, our executives will give you an idea of the organization’s working style.

Will provide all the details and information regarding its delivery time frame, quality and cost considerations. One can clear all their queries before entering into such a contract.

We let our customers speak about their queries first and then an appropriate decision will be given to resolve such problems. We will not force our client to stay with us, whenever he wants to terminate our contract he is free to do so except in case where most of the work has already been done on our behalf or when the customer has an intention to do something bad so or demoralize our goodwill.

BRS Enterprises – Refunds and Cancellations
We are well aware that everlasting enthusiasm is the key ingredient to doing a good business. However the intent to work has a drawback that will come with them. As for our customer satisfaction policy, we have refund and cancellation policy even after initiating assignment payment.

However there are situations in which we deduct some nominal professional fees, for example
1. When your work is done to some extent. For example, if the contract is 50% completed, we will deduct the government costs involved and some of our professional fees because everyone has the right to be paid for their hard work.
2. When the government fee is paid for an assignment and the approval from the government is stuck.
3. When work is delayed due to irresponsible behavior of the customer such as hiding important information or documents required to complete assignments

BRS Enterprises – Service Based Refund
Brs enterprises – have a team of professionals who are expert in their specified field. Here we provide one stop solution for upcoming startups to help them soar in the footwear industries. Footwear services include such things as registration work, compliance work, new footwear concept, professional staff recruitment, sales, artisans and labour, factory setup, quality control services etc. Each task is unique and important in its own way.

creative work
When the work is related to creative work i.e. footwear design development, we will provide you the proper draft so that someone can check the quality of the work as per your requirements.

However, in case of any defect in the quality of work in case of any reason not as per agreed terms, in such cases we shall endeavor to do the work again to the satisfaction of the customers at no extra charge. And if customer is still not satisfied then we will initiate refund of 100% amount except in case where customer has bad intention.

Brs Enterprises Footwear Developer Consultant,
When in footwear development work and labor staff providing service there are some exceptional situations where refund policy is not applicable which are as follows: l

1- The customer drops his idea and leaves the project and 50% of the work is done.

2- After the customer has made the project according to him, after getting it corrected, after returning the project.

3- If the project is delayed on behalf of the customer, if the project is not given at the right time, then the project is returned.
The customer is stuck on the availability of the entity name, while the customer is thoroughly informed of it before entering into the contract.

4- When there is a dispute between the founders of the company and in between they ask for a refund.

5- On asking for refund after 15 days of hiring staff and labour, artisans.

6- On requesting refund after 7 days from the date of registration of the member ship of the customer.

In such cases the refund will be calculated as a percentage of the work completed till the time the Client initiates the cancellation of the contract.

The amount considered will be the balance after deducting all paid government expenses and our professional charges.
Timely delivery
If there is any commitment regarding some delivery of work and due to certain conditions there is a delay, the customer is given some relief under the return policy:

8- Compliance Functions
When it comes to compliance work, the customer should take the initiative to comply within time. Compliance like Company Compliance, GST Return, Income Tax Return, LLP Compliance, Company Event Based Compliance, RO Annual Compliance etc. When due dates are over, penalties begin to apply to structures that need to be documented.

return case
1. If the compliance package is terminated due to non-renewal, no penalty or cost will be borne by us.

2. If the compliance package gets renewed but there is some penalty, such penalty will be borne by the customer only

Note: The customer has to submit the necessary proofs regarding his objections before canceling the contract.

Timely delivery
If there is any commitment regarding some delivery of work and due to certain conditions there is a delay, the customer is given some relief under the return policy:

1. 100% of the amount (after deducting Government expenses) will be refunded in the following cases:
A- If due to the fault of the employees there are any defects left in the assignment which cannot be rectified.
B- When work gets delayed, it’s only because of the fault of our employees.

2. No refund will be initiated in the following cases:
C- If the delay in commencement of any work persists due to non-availability of input data, documents or delay in providing information or there is any deficiency of records on the part of the client.
D- Error or omission committed by the employees due to incomplete information or records received from the client.
E- If the delay is on account of the customer’s intention to spoil or to obtain refund due to misstatement or cause.

Services received at a discount or by way of a coupon
When the service availed from the Company or any coupon is applied during the hours of the discount, the refund shall be initiated after deducting the amount of such discount.

The customer has the option of either availing the refund amount or availing other services only to the extent of the refund amount.

Refunds will not be provided on non-working days.
The maximum time to initiate a refund is 15 working days.

The refund amount will be credited to the customer account or can be done through check, Paytm, Google Pay or any other electronic mode as agreed by the client and BRS Enterprises

An appropriate professional team will be allotted for the respective matters and refund will be initiated after hearing of all the matters.

All necessary proofs will be disclosed by the customer for getting the refund. No refund will be made if no documentary evidence is provided for the case.

No refund will be provided in case of delay in service due to any unavoidable circumstances or any pandemic situation.

No refund will be made, the intention of the customer is only to earn money from such refunds or to cause damage to the goodwill of BRS Enterprises.

After the client initiates the request, our complaints team will investigate the matter and come to a decision that will be accepted by all parties involved.
BRS Enterprises – Other Important Terms
dispute resolution

On occasion, if there is a debate on or in relation to this Policy, the Parties shall endeavor to determine the question through amicable discussion. If both the parties are not able to resolve their disputes mutually then the dispute can be resolved through any arbitrator of Agra Uttar Pradesh. The final decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on all parties as it shall be in accordance with the laws of India.

The parties should make all efforts to complete the project. The intention should be pure and there should be no fault of both the parties.

Proper communication will be given to both the parties. Communications include e-mails, phone calls, WhatsApp and general messages to appropriate members of the parties.

The Service Provider shall not be liable for failure to perform, nor shall be deemed to be in default under this Policy for any delay caused by an act of God or any unavoidable circumstances. Unavoidable grounds can be termed as hurricanes, floods, terrorism, natural disasters, riots, lockouts, blockades, acts of war, or power failures and other natural epidemic situations that are beyond the control of man. In the meantime the commit time can be extended

If any clause or any provision of this Policy remains unlawful or invalid, that clause shall be removed from the Agreement to the minimum extent and shall remain valid and enforceable.

Governing Law and Forum for Dispute
Any dispute arising anywhere shall be resolved by a court having jurisdiction in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. This policy shall be governed by Indian law only.

complete policy
This Policy is developed between the Company and the Customer and if the Customer wishes to amend any of the applicable clauses, he may do so in consultation with BRS Enterprises. It totally depends on the service provider which is the company whether it should be convertible or not.

malicious intent
Malicious intent includes, but is not limited to –

1. Request for refund for creative works after everything is done, especially when no objections were raised during the execution of the particular creative assignment.

2. Refund request with intent to malign the reputation of the company.

3. In case of long duration projects where partial approval and partial payment are involved, seeking full refund after the completion of that particular project. Where is, while doing this particular project, the client was starting regular partial payment and never raised any dispute during the project execution, then suddenly after the completion of the project he raised the question that the work is not satisfactory.

We aim to satisfy our clients by providing the best professional services. We consider our esteemed customer to be a part of BRS Enterprises. Any dispute between us can be mutually resolved as we believe in long term relationship. This policy helps us to remove any miscommunication or lapses between us which can further improve our valued relationship with our esteemed customers.

Why Choose Us
We give the best, because you deserve the best.

9- Reasons to choose BRS
1- BRS provides good quality service within stipulated time period.
2- We will help you to arrange honest and talented staff and staff member.
3- By using our service you can reduce your factory cost by 30 to 40%.
4- BRS provides unique and creative ideas for footwear development
5- Parallel We provide complete privacy and security to your shoe design.
6- As a customer you get no questions asked money back guarantee.
7- Our team has over 10 years of combined experience, so you can be assured that you are getting the best support that will help you succeed.
8- We have an in-depth training system for our team which gives you the same experience in your delivery.
9- We don’t come cheap, we as a company follow our customer service policy as a ritual.

Company Information
Office add- Block no 11, shop no- S/7, near Doctor soap building, shoe market, Sanjay palace Agra 282002.
Phone no – 7060003358
Support@brs-enterprises. com

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