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BRS gives proper & right tools to the Entrepreneurs that leads them to
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BRS Enterprises,
(Bring Rapid Success) Enterprises is a footwear service provider agency. We're not just footwear service provider, At BRS Enterprises, we also present creative footwear designs and development along with consultancy for promising footwear industries.

Mr. Santosh Kardam is the founder of BRS Enterprises, who is a Footwear Designer, Developer & Consultant of Footwear industries.

BRS Enterprises is a footwear developer consultancy company whose objective is to provide variety of professional services in the field of footwear which is a pre-requisite for building a successful startup. It is listed under the laws of Companies Act 2020. We have entered this industry to serve our professional services in all the states of India. As of now, Brs Enterprises is striving to establish itself as a significant brand in the major market of footwear as a Footwear Consultant. Our company aims to provide the best services to our clients so that they can feel safe to do their business independently and become an active compliance business in India.

BRS Enterprises is a one-stop solution for all your business problem in the field of footwear industries.

We Provide
1. Brs provide - Skilled labour and professional staff.
2.Brs Provide - Latest shoe concept mens and Ladies.
3.Brs Provide -Technical Assistance.
4. Brs Provide - Export & domestic Factory setup.
5.Brs Provide - Quality Control etc. (Third party inspections service.
6. Brs provide extensive knowledge of the footwear business Strategies and framework which will help Indian small Enterprises and big business.
7. With BRS, it is our endeavor to provide education about footwear to the people associated with footwear and at the same time they can also get employment.

Our vision – Helping small and big footwear manufacturers through our service to grow their business and help footwear labor and staff to find jobs.

Our mission – To provide such a digital platform to footwear industries in the form of BRS on which all footwear related people like footwear manufacturers footwear component suppliers etc. can sell their product within all footwear industry as well as those related to footwear Get technical information as well.

Our journey – I was working in the footwear industry for the last 20 years, in which I realized one thing while doing my work that people have to face a lot of problems while working. There used to be problems, if work was done, there are many problems due to lack of labor or skilled staff, due to lack of right staff, the goods get spoiled and due to lack of labor, production is not able to come out and due to lack of labor. Due to which the goods do not reach on time and orders are also canceled, apart from this there is another reason why small footwear manufacturers are not able to grow their business due to lack of proper designing and development, we have hired laborers associated with shoes. And also saw the staff that they do not know where there is work and where there is no work, this is such a gap due to which both the employees, the workers and the company owner have problems, the company owner who needs the workers and staff. There is no labor here, those who have labor here do not have work, because of which labor And both the factory owner has a problem, apart from this, the factory owner also faces problems in not getting the right material to make his product. After the order arrives, a lot of time is spent in finding the material, due to which the productivity of the factory decreases, due to the material being short, the small shoe manufacturer has to face a lot of problems due to the lack of footwear knowledge in making the product. There is a loss due to not extracting the cost of their product properly, they also suffer a lot, on the basis of our experience of so many years, we surveyed the market in which we found that if the solution to all these problems is found, then 1 manufacturer and A small trader associated with shoes and a laborer associated with this work will be able to get work, and a small business and shoe manufacturers can make their business successful to a great extent through this platform, we got a very good response to our survey. On March 4, 2020, we got BRS Enterprises registered and today we are able to help many people through the services of our company.

Why choose us BRS Enterprises -
1- BRS gives quality service & within time period to the customers.
2- We provide honest, efficient & talented workers & staff members.
3. Our development and creations are unique & exceptional.
4. gives complete privacy and safety to your designs.

Who can join us -
Footwear Manager, Development Manager, R&D Head, Production Supervisor, Fitter Supervisor, Labor and Staff Workers engaged in footwear and footwear components, Footwear Labor, All Footwear Manufacturers, Shoe Components Suppliers and all those who want to make their career in Footwear Industry People can join.

Support and help -
20/7 support
Phone no - 8077745586.

Our Vision is Growing Your Business